Here at Naturally Chiropractic, all of our doctors are trained in and utilize a wide variety of chiropractic techniques.

We understand that each patient is unique and having various chiropractic techniques at our fingertips allows us to tailor the care we provide to each patient’s individual needs. From low-force and instrument-assisted options to higher-velocity methods, our focus here at Naturally Chiropractic is to deliver high quality chiropractic care by selecting the technique that works best with the patient’s body type and comfort level.

Chiropractic Techniques Used In Our Office Include:

    • Sacro-Occipital Technique [S.O.T.]
    • Palmer Package
      • Diversified Technique
      • Gonstead Technique
      • Palmer Upper Cervical Technique
      • Thompson Technique
      • Extremity Technique
    • Pierce Cervical Technique
    • Applied Kinesiology
    • Logan Basic
    • Activator Methods
    • Impulsive Adjusting Instrument
    • Directional Non-Force Technique  [D.N.F.T.]
    • Mally Extremity Technique

Nutrition Techniques Include:

    • Contact Reflex Analysis
    • Autonomic Response Testing
    • Nutrition Response Testing
    • Dr. Bland’s Functional Medicine

Rehabilitative Exercise Techniques

    • Palmer Package Physical Therapy
    • Piscitano’s Peak Performance Maneuvers
    • Slosberg’s Program for Neuromotor Control - Rehabilitation and Stabilization


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