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Chiropractic Philosophy  

Chiropractic first, drugs second, and surgery last – this sums up our practice at Naturally Chiropractic.

Nutrition & Diet

Our current food sources have less nutrition than our forefathers had. What you eat is literally the building blocks for your body and your future.

Because of this, paying attention to our diet and nutritional supplementation has become more important in the 21st century than ever before. We live in an age where a mountain of information is available at our fingertips, but many people are still confused because a lot of it is conflicting. There is a lot to consider.

Our doctors will use their knowledge, training, and holistic viewpoints to analyze your diet and recommend enhancements that will help you achieve your wellness goals. Even taking small steps can have a large impact! It is impossible to be healthy when our bodies are deficient in crucial nutrients; like proteins, essential fats, minerals, vitamins, and even water; yet overrun with sugars, acid substances, toxins, and excess calories. Additionally, people can unknowingly have sensitivities, allergies and intolerances to specific foods which can negatively affect their health.

We believe that the quality of vitamins and nutritional supplements that our patients take is important. Therefore, we have selected to only utilize brands which include the best ingredients and take quality control very seriously. After thorough consideration and review, we have chosen Standard Process (whole food supplements) and Metagenics as the two main nutritional support product lines we carry.

Strength & Exercise

The proper stretch or strengthening exercise should be given at the right time! Each recommended exercise is not only based on what is wrong with the body, but when the body’s structure is ready to perform the work. Patients are often provided individually designed home therapy programs that help reinforce the work we are doing and help make the body stronger and more stable. In the early and mid-phases of care, Drs. Burford and Milanovich can easily monitor and adjust home therapy programs based on changes in a person’s condition.


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